Project Announcement

If you’ve been following my twitter you might already know a bit about this work-in-progress, but I thought I’d make a formal introduction of it.

The town burned. The river vanished. Idumea, Arizona has seen nothing but trouble for the last 39 years, and rumor has it that the town under a curse. When the Mortimer family moves from Monterey to Idumea spend a year, Shane and his sister Jedidah struggle to find their places in it.

Shane Mortimer is eleven, and while he doesn’t mind chasing lizards in the backyard or fixing up an old scrapped plane with his sister, he’s counting down the days until he can go home.

Jedidah Mortimer, thirteen and eager to prove herself, is determined to uncover every secret Idumea has to offer–and the town has a lot of them.

An old radio, a burned-out airfield, and a scrapped plane hold clues to Idumea’s past. A riddle engraved in brass may determine its future. Will Shane and Jedidah survive the year, or will they–and the town–be lost to the red-stained dust of the valley?

Inspired by A Season of Gifts (Richard Peck) and Boys of Blur (N.D. Wilson), this is a project I’ve been playing with for a number of years, exploring themes such as of home, family and friendship in a series of short magical-realism adventures.

Without further ado, I give you The Ballad of Idumea.

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